Springtime – Oil on Canvas
18. May – September 2021

Bastian Maria Daum – 
painting / sculpture / drawing –

The Hotel Olympic will show selected works
by the Augsburg-based painter and sculptor Bastian Maria Daum.
Under the title “Springtime” splendid blooms and unfold
Color landscapes in oil on canvas. The expressive pictures
awaken new spirits – the winter was all too long and gray
– it’s finally spring!
A colorful declaration of love to the imagination and the color.

There´s a little bit of Springtime in the back of our minds!

Since 2001 he has been drawing, painting, sawing and carving
the autodidact Bastian Maria Daum in a refreshing,
unacademic D.I.Y. – mentality in his pictures and
The oil paint itself is the focus of the neo-expressionist
painting and condenses the impressions and thoughts of the painter
on linen.
In this very own world of colored surfaces and lines,
perspectives and horizons, figures become silhouettes and fade
dissolve in the flow of colors.